Auto Warriors Deep Dive #7: Collection Events

We’ve recently added a new game mode, Collection Events, to the single player campaign. Today we take a closer look at how the Baron’s new favourite player challenge works and provide some tips for securing the best prizes.

How it works

Unlike in regular campaign battles where the aim is to obliterate your opponents as quickly as possible, the aim of Collection Events (which are indicated on the campaign map by a blue flare symbol in the top right corner of the level icon) is to drive through and collect each of the blue flares on the map as quickly as possible.

Successfully collecting a flare is indicated by the number collected and the total number to be collected flashing up at the collection point.

The number of flares to collect varies widely and can reach as high as 10.

The challenge

The challenge is therefore one of speed and dexterity rather than fighting strength and tactics, although there are correct and incorrect strategies for getting three stars which we’ll discuss below.

To make the events more interesting we’ve also added opponents that will hunt you down while you attempt to hit the flares in time. It is important to note that taking these enemies out is entirely optional and has no bearing on the star rating you receive. The star rating is entirely based on the time in which you complete the collection of all the flares on a given map.


Since speed is of the essence in this mode, optimal builds to be employed for it are the faster and more manoeuvrable cars such as the sports and muscle cars and 4×4. Remember that a car’s acceleration and top speed are determined by a variety of factors, not just the car’s engine power rating but also how heavy it is. (do you dare enter the arena without any guns mounted, so you can gain that additional speed boost)

Before starting your first turn, make sure you check the map first. You can use this time to plan an optimal path for collecting the flares and trying to minimise confrontations.

Gadgets and defensive weapon systems are your friend! Mines and spikes (which can burst tires!) in particular are great for slowing any pursuing enemies. Walls of fire and, of course, cabin and rear-mounted weapons are also very useful.

Nitrous, however, comes into its own in this mode not only providing a massive acceleration boost, but also temporarily boosting your car’s evasion score – something that will reduce the chance of being hit by enemy fire.

Finally, remember that you can extend the targeting reticule beyond where the car would travel in a single turn and hit PLAY in quick succession to perform two quick turns, although note that this only works for straight line movement in the second or later turns. (head to 1m 29s of our Walkthrough video with Studio Head, Nick Baynes, to see one of these moves in action)

Collection events can be hugely frantic, much to the enjoyment of the Baron and his minions, with players risking spinning out, collision or flipping as they rush around the map to get the flares in time. With our tips above, you’ll stand a better chance but skill still remains the key success factor.

Don’t forget to upload your fastest Collection Event replays to our Everyplay channel! We’ll be featuring the best of these on our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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