Player Replay Round-Up – 30th Sept

There’s some neat entries in our latest Auto Warriors player replay round-up. Jumps, explosions, incendiary bullet-belching machine guns, plane wing driving and…errr ballet moves; Auto Warriors provides the playground and you, the players, provide the action. Check ‘em out below.

AronBC launches off a plane wing firing two rockets while in mid-air which obliterate the Baron’s henchman at the start of this excellent campaign replay:

xXEnderStriderXx makes good use of the all new fire-breathing Dragonfire MG in this cool battle:

We love big explosions and flying cars. xXEnderStriderXx puts on their wings for this quick clip:

We also love jumps.  Check out the great jump from DerekThePuny (AKA AlteredCarbon in Auto Warriors) here:

AlteredCarbon’s at it again demonstrating a beautiful pirouette in their Bolshoi audition tape here:

Last but not least Archiles dishes out and also takes some serious damage in their entertaining PvP battle with Cort:

Have you been in a great battle? Share your replay with our community via the Everyplay upload and we’ll try and feature it in a future blog post and our social channels. If you share it to YouTube we might even include it on our channel.

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