PvP and Fleet PvP Rankings – 4th October

It’s been another fiercely competitive week on our leaderboards! We have a new PvP leader and many movers and shakers throughout.


Many great things come from Denmark: Lego, Viking longboats and Hans Christian Andersen stories to name but a few. This week we get to add Gilgorthorn to that list:

Rank Player Name Score
1 Gilgorthorn 2930
2 RoShambo 2899
3 SMASH 2847
4 Havoc 2780
5 Kommen 2725
6 Moonshot 2641
7 ChiRup99 2505
8 Deinfather 2445
9 Nightwolf 2377
10 rotv 2361

(Rankings as of 12:30 UTC 4th October 2016)

As with past leaders we see that it takes commitment to become the top Auto Warrior. With 177 active battles (94%-win ratio) and 75 defender battles (40%-win ratio) the Baron has been thoroughly entertained by Gilgorthorn’s accomplishments this week.

RoShambo has been picking his battles this week (56 player battles, 95%-win ratio) and only dropped 9 points over the week. We’ve seen players come back from bigger drops than that in the past, so expect another tight battle this week.

Kommen (136 battles, 82%-win ratio) and ChiRup99 (68 battles, 84%-win ratio) continue to move up the leaderboards and solidify their positions in the top 10. While rotv (61 battles, 70%-win ratio) has done enough to knock one-time leader Slabhakws out of the top 10, who was our second most attacked player this week (84 battles, 37%-win ratio).

WildFruitz is our highest scoring new player this week with 439 points from 51 battles. Keep that up and the Baron will be most pleased indeed.

Fleet PvP

RoShambo has put in a strong week of Fleet battles to build a bit of a lead at the top:

Rank Player Name Score
1 RoShambo 2463
2 Havoc 2322
3 Warrior76669 2298
4 Gilgorthorn 2163
5 Nightwolf 2139
6 Rollo 2124
7 SMASH 2100
8 Moonshot 2088
9 Warrior94727 2067
10 Deinfather 1881

(Rankings as of 12:30 UTC 4th October 2016)

Last week’s 6-point lead has been extended to 141 points, due to another perfect week’s results (21 battles, 100%-win ratio). No other player in the top 10 managed the same feat this week, which goes a long way to explaining the extended points lead.

What’s especially interesting about this week’s top 10 is that 9 out of 10 fleets now stand on over 2,000 points. Last week this was only the case for 6 out of 10, indicating a strong week for players in the lower half of the list.

Get into the fight! We’ll be doing regular updates on the leaderboards here on the blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages. Don’t forget to take your fighting talk and winning strategies to the forums!

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