Auto Warriors is a turn-based action strategy game set in the post-apocalyptic wastelands. Choose the weapons and armour that you want your vehicle to take into battle. Make your move to outsmart your opponents in 150 campaign levels or fight your way to the top of the leader boards in PvP with players from around the world. Destroy your opponents to win rewards that will help in your quest to become the ultimate Auto Warrior.

Auto Warriors is currently available on iOS only. Download it from the App Store here. We’re continuing to add lots of new features and content, as well as balancing gameplay, and are committed to building a world class live game service for our players. Future plans will be announced on our blog and social media channels.

Auto Warriors is currently only available on iOS, on the following devices –

  • iPhone 5s or newer
  • iPad Air or newer
  • iPad mini 2 or newer
  • iPod touch (6th Gen.)

We only support devices running iOS 8 and higher.

We use Game Center to sync Auto Warriors accounts between our servers and your iOS devices. Sometimes Game Center fails to load properly when you launch Auto Warriors so the game thinks you are starting a new Auto Warriors account. If this happens, please do the following:

  1. Close Auto Warriors on your iOS device (double tap the home button and swipe up on the Auto Warriors screen so it disappears)
  2. Open the Game Center app on your iOS device and ensure you are signed in correctly. If so, check that Auto Warriors appears in the Games section.
  3. Open Auto Warriors again on your iOS device

You should either be taken straight back to your original account or given an option to choose which one of your two accounts to use.

If neither of these appear and you are still being presented with the unwanted new Auto Warriors account or if you do not use Game Center and have lost your account, please contact our support team at providing your original Auto Warriors name and your unwanted new one.

You can exchange Salvage for Weapon Kits on the Trade screen, once it’s unlocked. The Trade screen is divided into three areas. On the left hand side, you can see the number of Schematics you’ve redeemed. If you’ve any Schematics that you’ve not yet redeemed, you can do this here by tapping the big green “redeem” button.

The bottom right panel shows the Kits that are available to trade, and gives a summary of which weapons they can be applied to, along with the stat boost that it grants.

Tapping on one of the Weapon Kits makes it the focus of the top right panel. This shows the Salvage cost of the Kit, and how your current collection stacks up. If you have enough of a certain type of Salvage then the number will be displayed in green, while if you still have some to collect then it will be red. Tapping on the Salvage icon will display a pop up menu, letting you know which Campaign events you can find them in. Selecting an event and tapping “GO!” will take you to the Map screen where you can enter, or raid, the event. Once you’ve met all the Salvage requirements for the level of Weapon Kit you want to obtain, tapping the “trade” button will add it to your inventory.

You can select the level of Kit you want to trade by tapping the one, two or three star buttons. Each one gives an increased stat boost, and is only available after you’ve traded the previous level.

You can see the Weapon Kits that you own, but haven’t yet equipped, in the “owned” tab of the bottom right panel.

Salvage can be discovered hidden in loot boxes around the battle arenas. Simply drive over them during combat to collect whatever’s inside. Each arena has it’s own range of Salvage, the chances of what you’ll find inside influenced by scarcity value.

You can see what Salvage can be found on a particular arena by checking out the info on the Preview Pane on the right hand side of the Map screen.

You can also collect salvage by “Raiding” an event in Campaign mode. When you have achieved a three star rating on any event, spending a Raid token allows you to instantly receive a random amount and type of Salvage from that arena, without having to enter the Battle itself.

Salvage can also be found in Mystery Boxes, available to purchase in the Dealer, and by direct purchase in the Fleet PvP Store. There are also Salvage perks and bundles available in the Vault as bonus items with Gold and Cash purchases.

In the post-apocalyptic world of Auto Warriors many everyday items that we take for granted now have a much higher value. You’d be surprised at what you can trade for a few rolls of clean toilet paper and a bottle of drinkable water!

Visiting the Trader screen in the Dealer allows you to exchange items from your Salvage collection for special stat-enhancing Weapon Kits.

There are three different tiers of salvage, rated by their scarcity – Junk, Common and Rare. You can also discover Schematics in amongst the Salvage, which enable new Weapon Kits to be traded once redeemed. Additionally, you will sometimes find cogs, nuts and bolts in boxes, that can be traded for Cash.

There’s no limit to how much you can own, and it all comes in useful at the Trader, so collect as much as you can!  You can see the Salvage you own by visiting your Profile, accessible by tapping on your avatar in the Front End.


Every weapon has a number of stats that reflect their in-battle performance.

  • Damage – the amount of Health or Armour Points damage that will be inflicted with a successful hit.
  • Range – the fire arc range as represented in game.
  • Accuracy – the percentage chance of a successful hit.
  • Weight – an important stat to keep an eye on when upgrading and building your car load outs.
  • Ammo – the total ammo capacity that the weapon can take into battle.
  • Fire Rate – the number of shots that will be fired in a battle, per second.
  • Upgrades – the number of upgrades that the weapon can have performed on it.
  • DPS – taking into account all of the other stats, the maximum damage per second that the weapon can inflict.
  • Value – for weapons that you don’t own, this is how much it will cost to buy, while with weapons that you own this is the sale price that the Dealer will give you for it.

Not every weapon has all of the above stats. More details on stats and their icons can be found by tapping the “i” information button in the Dealer.


There are a wide variety of weapons in Auto Warriors, split into the following categories –

  • Machine Guns –  Light, Medium and Heavy variants, Minigun
  • Close Quarters – Shotgun, Shotgun Array, Flamethrower
  • Projectiles – Rocket Launcher, Multi Rocket Launcher, Auto Cannon
  • Defensive  – Mines, Spikes, Wall of Fire

There are also Gadgets available, that can be used to counter the effects of some weapons.

  • Gadgets – Mine Detector, Flares, Fire Extinguisher, Nitrous

2 and 3 star (Silver and Gold) weapons can be attained via the following:

  1. Mystery Boxes: Superior and Ultimate Mystery Boxes offer chances of yielding both 2 and 3 star weapons/cars with Ultimate boxes offering the higher chance. Superior and Ultimate Mystery Boxes themselves can be attained in four ways: They can be bought with Gold, gained for free at later stages of the Dealer Challenge’s monthly rewards and as part of many VIP Tier Rewards and some Gold/Cash bundles. In addition, Superior Mystery Boxes are available for free every 48 hours.
  2. Mechanic Boxes: Superior and Ultimate Mechanic Boxes offer chances of yielding both 2 and 3 star weapons with Ultimate boxes offering the higher chance. These can only be acquired with keys won in the Mechanic Challenge. At the weekend all of the Mechanic Challenges are opened up potentially allowing multiple boxes to be opened.
  3. The Fleet Store: The Fleet Store will often offer 2 and 3 star weapons or 2 star cars which can be purchased with Fleet Diamonds. Fleet Diamonds can only be won playing Fleet PvP.