What’s in it?

Let’s get straight to it:

  • Video Sharing – We’ve added Everyplay support to the replay summary screen. Share your best replays direct to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with your friends and the world from within the game! Check out the community page for all the best and craziest videos, as well as competitions!
  • 3D Touch input for compatible devices – hard touch the screen to start your next turn immediately without pressing the PLAY button!!
  • Reworked Car Upgrades – Now you can level up your car as you play the game giving you a better sense of progression and ownership of your car.
  • New Car Stat – Evasion – This determines how well your car can avoid incoming fire. Have fun with the new strategic possibilities this opens up for you!
  • New Car Kits and Car Perks, providing awesome stat boosts and special abilities.
  • 20 new Salvage items to collect and trade.
  • Improvements and balancing to weapon upgrades and stats.
  • Reworked Mystery Boxes with greater prizes! We’ve heard your feedback and crunched the numbers. You’ll now see a wider range of high value prizes, plus a free Superior box every 48 hours.
  • New Tasks to complete for Gold rewards.
  • A more streamlined and simplified tutorial making the entry into the game quicker and more straightforward for new players.
  • Reworked front end environment – your post-apocalyptic garage never looked so good!
  • Loads of bug fixes, gameplay balancing and visual polish – thanks to our incredible fans for all of the feedback!

When can I play it?

It’s live now in all our soft-launch countries!

Note, 1.08 prepares Auto Warriors for its full global launch. That means if we’re not yet live in your country, we will be soon! Get hyped!