Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.

With their blistering rate of fire and high ammo counts, the various Machineguns offer you the ultimate all-rounder. There are three sizes of machinegun: light, medium and heavy. The light causes the least damage, but has the highest ammo count, while the heavy causes lots of damage, but ammo count is the lowest. The medium is a compromise in the middle.

They may not impress with their damage per second, but it’s a foolish Auto Warrior who doesn’t have a machine gun or two to hand, particularly in a longer battle.

Up close and personal

Both the Shotgun and the Shotgun Array are close ranged death-dealers. They can cause lots of damage very quickly; however, their short range means you often have to weather a storm of enemy fire before you can deliver that damage. Clever use of the terrain and your car’s speed can help you overcome that shortcoming.

What near future game of post-apocalyptic combat would be complete without a Minigun? Combining the Machineguns consistency of damage delivery with the Shotguns short range firepower, making them awesomely effective at close quarters. Try sticking one on a rear mount to deal with any tailgaters!


Rocket launchers and their big cousins the Multi Rocket Launcher are immensely fun, and just as deadly to boot. Your foes can’t hide as you watch your guided rockets chase them around corners to their doom. Capable of inflicting massive damage, in some case destroying opponents in a single shot, these weapons do come with some limitations. In tight urban areas it can be tricky for them to find their target. Plus, the low ammo count means you really need to make each rocket count.

Loose Cannons

Autocannons are the ultimate anti-armour weapon, capable of deliver highly deadly shells, they match the firepower of the rocket launcher but without the problems related to guided rockets. But that comes at a price, the autocannon comes with a heavy weight cost and low ammo means you’ll it’ll be empty in just a few turns. But you can’t deny their ability to obliterate targets and smash through the heaviest armour.

Burn baby, burn!

Finally, we get to Flamethrowers. These death belchers can wreak massive destruction, and just like shotguns are great if you like to mix it up at close quarters. Targets hit by the flames can continue to burn for many turns, letting you watch with morbid satisfaction as your enemies die long after you’ve sped off to deal with other combatants. Just watch for enemies with Fireproof armour as they will not catch fire.

All weapons come rated as 1, 2 and 3 Stars. Use your Cash to purchase 1 Star weapons from the Dealer. The Dealer can be quite choosy about who he offers his best weapons to, so you’ll need to keep collecting that XP in order to unlock the most powerful weapon types.

And we haven’t even touched on the many gadgets you can equip!