So what is PvP?

When you’re not busy taking the fight to the Baron in Campaign mode, or entering the various daily Challenges on offer, PvP lets you fight other players in a straight up one vs. one deathmatch!

Pick and customise your favourite car and roll into battle against an opponent of your choosing. These opponents are cars that have been built by other Auto Warriors like you, so you can be sure you’ll come up against some of the craziest battle machines ever created.

PvP also adds more arenas into the mix, serving up fresh challenges for those on the hunt for glory. As well as providing the backdrop for gladiatorial battle, there’s also plenty of unique salvage spread around to hunt down in the heat of combat.

But what can I win?

As well as winning Cash and XP, at stake with every PVP battle are Tournament Points. If you win then you’ll gain Tournament Points, but if you’re defeated then you’ll have them deducted from your total. The more challenging the foe, the bigger the potential rewards. Win, and you climb the leaderboards. Lose, and see yourself drop down the rankings.

Got real PvP skills? You’ll also be entered into the weekly seasons for rank specific prizes in every battle, as well as weekly gold rewards.

I’m scared of going it alone

When you’re away from the game (wha- why would you ever stop playing?!) your garage is exposed to attacks from other players. However, don’t worry, your crew will drive your car for you in battle, and they’re pretty handy behind the wheel too.

You’ll be able to keep track of both yours and their antics in the battle log and via push notifications. And yes, you’ll get more rewards for these fights as well.

When you have more than one car in your garage then you get to select which one is your PvP defender. This is the special build that other players will see when they’re sizing you up for a fight – so make it ‘effin scary!