What could possibly be better than driving your own tricked out battle wagon into battle? How about driving someone else’s? Today we’re going to take a look at the Dealer Challenge game mode.

Wheeler Dealer

Every day the Dealer offers you the chance to compete in a special challenge that he’s put together for his loyal Auto Warrior customers. Instead of fighting in your own car, you can take to the battlefield in a custom car he’s created specifically for that battle. Want to try out the awesome power of flamethrowers, or maybe the 4×4 with its unique double cabin mount? How about a game where you have only Mines to defeat the enemy? The Dealer challenge is your daily chance to change up the carnage.

Try Before You Buy!

Let’s not pretend the Dealer doesn’t have an ulterior motive here, he is after all a shrewd businessman. He knows that once you get a taste of the good stuff, you’ll want to kit out your own ride just as soon as possible. In the meantime, this is still a great opportunity to try out some tasty car loadouts, which’ll enable you to change up how you play and discover some awesome new ways in which you can dominate your battles.

Play Your Cars Right!

Never fear, there’s more than just bragging rights on offer, the Dealer has negotiated some pretty amazing prizes with the Baron which include big piles of Cash, Gold, Mystery Boxes, Upgradium and free Crew members. The rewards keep getting bigger and better the more you play, so make sure you make the Dealer Challenge part of your daily play routine.

Let Me Entertain You!

So, what about the Challenges themselves? The Dealer loves to provide good entertainment for the crowds that throng to the Arenas and naturally he likes to stay on the Baron’s good side, so these challenges are what he likes to call ‘esoteric’. Each one has a specific gambit that can guide you to victory, this give you a chance to flex your tactical prowess and enjoy coming up with new ways to defeat enemies in battles. Just be sure to give the enemy load out as well as your own loaned ride a check over before you play and look out for any weak spots that you can exploit.