An important part of creating the world of Auto Warriors was nailing the look and feel of our gladiatorial chariots – the cars.

Rust in Peace

The nuclear event of ’83 ripped the Earth’s fragile eco-system apart, creating deadly weather that ravaged crops and destroyed livestock – not to mention stripping the paintjobs on cars across the land down to rusty, exposed metal. However, in the new world order where four wheels are king, those machines aren’t left dying a rusty death in a forgotten corner of a garage – far from it!

Our cars have been restored from their battered and dusty former lives to become the ultimate fighting machines. They look and feel tough enough to not just survive the post-Event world, but bring the fight to it. Each car is inspired by automotive design from the 1970s and 80s, unique and deadly but reassuringly familiar.

Every car has a selection of fresh paint jobs that you can apply to make them your own. Some designs even provide a perk of increased winnings for every battle – because looks matter!

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

There are five distinct vehicle chassis for you to choose from: The Muscle Car, the Sedan, the 4×4, the Truck and the Sportscar. Each has its own unique visual and behavioural characteristics as well as strategic advantages and disadvantages. The Sportscar is fast and nippy allowing you to evade the enemy’s attacks, but is limited to only being able to hold three weapons. On the other hand, the Truck can be loaded up with massive firepower, but that additional weight comes with a manoeuvrability cost.

These stat differences are more than just a set of numbers. Big, heavy cars feel weighty and intimidating on screen, while that sporty little number looks slinky and streamlined.

“But there were even more cool cars back then you could add!” we hear you cry. True, and our focus is to bring you a well balanced mix to fight with, both now and in the future. Keep watching out for updates to the game to discover what gets added to the roster!

A Call to Arms

While we’re on the subject of weapons, let’s talk about guns. We’ve got big ones! And small ones. Picking the right mix of weapons to arm your car makes all the difference on your way to becoming the greatest Auto Warrior in the land.

Load up on flame throwers to make the ultimate flaming pyro bringer. Like getting up close and personal with your foe? The shotgun is your friend.

Each weapon is inspired by real world artillery (no sci-fi laser blasters here… yet). From machine guns to rocket launchers – they’re rough, heavy duty and deadly. Watch out for more on our suite of weapons in a future blog.

Games Without Frontiers

This is just a glimpse into the many different strategic options you can play with when creating your killer car builds, and why we’ve chosen to go this route with our visual style. You’ll need to keep on your toes and adapt to the many different situations thrown at you across the various arenas across the game. (something we’ll cover in more detail in a future post).