Key to every combat game is being able to tell great tales of your battles. Whether you win or lose, there’s always the chance that a crazy moment could happen that will make you shout with excitement or scream with disbelief. Now you can share yours!

The view from the arena

You’ve just pulled off an insane barrel roll in your heavily customised muscle car, firing rockets as it spins majestically through the air. Your car lands perfectly just as the rockets hit home and the last of the Baron’s henchmen disappears in an explosive cloud of flame and smoke. It was a unique moment but one that nobody will believe you experienced without proof! Well, now you can show off your Auto Warriors skills and achievements by sharing your replays via Everyplay.

After you’ve watched your battle replay you’ll now have the option to edit and upload your fight highlights to the Auto Warriors page.

Just survived a seemingly impossible battle in Nightmare mode? Show it off! Just done the most ridiculous jump, spinning in mid-air before executing a perfect landing? Share it with your friends! Figured out how to win one of the fiendishly difficult Dealer challenges? Offer your winning strategy to the world!

You can even add video or audio commentary to the video to give it your own personal flavour. Or to rub salt in the wounds of your PvP opponent if schadenfreude is your thing.