We are Gunjin Games! We may be small, but we pack an explosive punch.

Who we are

This is our first game as Gunjin Games. We love games and come from diverse but hugely experienced gaming backgrounds. From AAA console racers (Split/Second, Moto GP, Burnout Revenge) to successful MMOs (Guild Wars 2, Blade & Soul) and mobile titles (Race Team Manager).

We love games and the end of the world

As you’d expect, we’re game obsessives and massive fans of car combat games in particular, whether strategy (such as Car Wars, Autoduel, Battlecars and Dark Future) or action (such as the Carmageddon, Twisted Metal and Interstate series). It goes with the territory that we’re huge fans of post-apocalyptic books, TV shows and movies too – including Mad Max, the Road, Planet of the Apes and The Walking Dead to name but a few.

However, we’re not just about Armageddon and Michael Bay-esque explosions. We love flexing our grey matter to turn-based strategy games in general such as XCOM, Advance Wars and Crimson: Steam Pirates. You’ll also regularly hear us discussing recent LoL matches, Clash Royale decks or the best strategy for CS:GO maps. In short, we’re huge gamers and sci-fi geeks!